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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Author

Dear Author,

    What is up with the name change!? Yeah, you know what I mean, the author name, I’m told its, commonly known as the pseudonym. I’m new to the writing world, since starting my blog, and I do understand that an author might want to protect their life, that of their innocent children, and a embarrassed husband from, in your face sex scenes in print. After all, the co-workers might laugh all the way down the hall as he hides in the cubical, as they call out, "Is that you dude, hung like a elepant?" He might suddenly find himself popular with the food truck chef, both male and female. Okay, a good reason for a pseudonym.
     Me??? I put my name on my blog, and now my family won’t talk to me. Which, at Sunday dinners at Nona’s isn’t such a bad thing. Peace and quiet, I relish it.
     If you love your story, genre and writing so much then why hide behind a pseudonym? That’s my big question. And there are some colorful names out there too. Looking at a book cover with a flowery name that seems to fit the book contents, for me its bada-bing, bada-boom, it’s a fake name. I bitch'a Heather Underthekilt, that ain't your name. Yo this Jersey girl wasn't born yesterday. Although, Nona claims I was, or at least last week.
    Here's some suggestions on names taken from James Bond movies. Miss Moneypenny, she's always a class act. My all time fav, Xinia Onatopp. NOW, there's a excellent erotica author name. How about Fatima Blush. That’s way cool. Oh, the number one pick is, Pussy Galore. Who could resist picking up a book with that name on it! Oops, it all sounds a bit pornographic. But-I've read a few that qualify.
     Another thing, when a author changes genres because their other genre wasn’t working for them anymore or maybe not selling. Me the reading fan, suddenly can’t find a favorite author because now she’s writing something else and has a pseudonym. Where’s my favorite author!? Oh, she dyed her hair black, dawned a outfit fitting for a she-vamp, and is on the back cover of the Blood Suckers Hotel, under the name of Lady Elvira. 
    So what is the reason for this? Why not just change genres and keep writing? I don’t care, I don't think any reader really cares. If you like a author, you'll follow them anywhere through the genre world. Look at Nora Roberts who we all know is J.D Robb. It's advertised on the front cover, for the love of Pete!

Vederla sul retro!


  1. Cari, love the post. I use a pseudonym because my real name was already a published romance author and hubby is a cop, so he asked me to pick a fake name. I am proud of my writing and would put my real name on it, if I could.

  2. I can understand the pseudonym Jill. My dad and two of my three brothers are cops. The oldest is a teacher, which is sort of freakish in my family, which if he decided to write would also require a faux name. Also my dad's father was killed in the line of duty when my dad was a teenager. So I really do know how it goes.