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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bride wore Spurs, by Sharon Ihle

     Actually I came across this book while staying at my Nona’s when my water heater was out, and my floors in my apartment were being repaired. So my life really had nothing to do with it. The book was a bit yellowed, with a copyright of 1994. I guess Nona must have read it, seventeen years ago. I didn’t know she even read romances with cowgirls and cowboys, but I picked it up to read, even though I’m not a fan of historical books out on the prairie, and especially westerns.
     So I pinched it from Nona. I doubt she’ll miss it. The plan to read on my lunch, which I did for a couple of days, until I was distracted by an incident, involving the very delicious P.I Sean. Anyhoo, I came back from lunch after spending my time reading and fighting off the rats with wings. I wore my uber cute new junky pants with a boyfriend shirt, tucked into the high waist. Well, that shirt was sticking to my butt, so I headed to the restroom to fix it, when I my nemesis Charlene the officer manager and one of the partner’s from the firm went into the restroom. I really didn’t want to engage either one of them in polite conversation in the stalls. So I made a right turn into the storage closet. The office was mostly empty, so I didn’t think to lock it and because the last time it locked behind me, it jammed and it took the FDNY to get me out, two hours later. Not going down that road again, so I left the door unlocked.
     I dropped my new uber cute pants, to adjust my shirt, when said door, flew open and who should be standing there with his jaw slacked to his chest, but P.I Sean. I yelped and he slammed the door laughing. He instantly turned around and faced the door (what a gent) and chuckled, “What are you doing?”
I yelled, not so politely, "None of your damn business!" As I hurried to adjust my shirt and pull up my pants, that were pretty much around my knees exposing my nice little black g-string. Didn’t want panty lines. He really didn’t see the g-string, but saw my glowing round ass! Oh the humility. Then the door flew open again, and it was my nemesis Charlene, and what was I doing, right then, adjusting my waist line as I just zipped up my pants. Damn, don't these people have anything better to do than go to the supply closet! Since I turned bright red, and P.I Sean just gave her a wide smug grin. We went from a embarrassing moment to looking pretty guilty. I mean really really guilty, about-about, oh gees, about!
     Since then I’ve been getting a lot of smiles and winks from the office locals. I should bring a meat tray from my cousin's deli, and that will fix their grins. P.I Sean has been asked outright if we were sleeping together, he just had to share with me, as he laughed. Instead of denying it, he has said nothing, which is as good as saying too much. Oh, per l'amore di Pete. I santi mi risparmieranno?
     Oh, but I digress, the next day I read, The bride wore Spurs, and really enjoyed it. It was a sweet story of two really off beat people, who fall into each other’s lives. Kathleen was a sweet soul who spent most of her childhood in a loony bin in Ireland.  She arrives in America with a friend who is a mail order bride, and heads to Wyoming. Kathleen really has no everyday skills accept with animals. She's like a horse whisperer, but can’t cook a meal to save her life. Hawke is also a damaged soul, with a dark side to him. He’s a half bred, with a chip on his shoulder. But he finds he has a soft spot for the fumbling Kathleen that he decides to marry, against his better judgment. That’s where the adventure begins, since Kathleen doesn’t even have the talent to sew or make love to her husband. The two work it out, learn from each other through some sweet misunderstandings.
     I liked this book and the style it was written in the form of 1994. Things have changed since then, and so has storytelling and writing. This was a quick easy read that I finally finished on the subway as I tried to distract myself from P.I Sean and his silence about our rumored secret meeting in the closet. If he's going to let this go on, he belongs in a nut house, alongside Kathleen.
     I really did find this enjoyable, so I gave it a #7, Bitch’n enough to hid in the broom closet and read, at least for a little while.

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