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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony’s Prison

     Along with doing an occasional Dear Author when the mood strikes me, I’m going to get my opinion out there too, on just about everything, again occasionally. I decided to make some changes in content and background. I like this background better because it's softer. Something my roommates, techie boyfriend told me I needed to do. He also told me I had to show more of my wild and crazy personality. Not sure I like that description. But-for now I'll go with it, for lack of a better one. I thought I was doing that already. Hmmm, but I guess not, since my roommate nodded her head in agreement, even James T. Parakeet was swinging like a mad bird, back and forth, back and forth, as if to say, "Yeah, put more of yourself in this." Okay, so hang on. Some changes along with my book reviews, which I love to do, because I love to read. But that will have to wait for another day, this is serious stuff, over here.
     Like Casey Anthony getting out of jail. She served her time, and is now out. My family followed this trial closely because they’re all cops. My pop, said all along, she’d get off, and he was right she did.
     But did she?
   As people go crazy over this situation, claiming to give her daughter justice, they are landing in jail themselves. Like the woman who attacked some poor unsuspecting woman at a gas station somewhere in the mid-west, because the victim looked like Anthony. Crazy! Why are we giving Anthony so much power by doing stunts like that? Now that woman is in jail herself. Honestly, she had to be a bit nutty in the first place to believe the victim was Anthony, because she was still in jail. I guess she doesn’t listen to the news very often, or at all.
     Anthony will be living in her own personal hell from now on out. If you believe like I do, that she was somehow responsible for her daughter’s death, she has to live with that for the rest of her life. Regardless of her actions, partying, sleeping around, doing whatever, that will always be with her. She will always be regarded by 80% of the U.S polled as the mother who got away with the murder of her toddler daughter. 
     There is a rumor that Anthony would like to have another child. I'm sure she would, and unfortunately, forced sterilization isn't legal in the U.S. She never named the father of her daughter, so guys, watch-out she might be looking for a sperm donor.
     So many of us claim we'd want justice her daughter. So don’t sit around claiming it, own it! Do something in her name, donate money or time to a missing children’s group. Join a local search and rescue. There are hundreds of things that can be done to honor this little girl. But going to jail for assault, or even murder isn’t justice. It’s just plain stupid. Why give up personal freedoms, for someone like Anthony?
     The best thing, I think the public can do, is forget Anthony. Her name will never die. It will always be connected to the death of an innocent child until she goes to her grave. There will come a day, when we’ll hear about Anthony again, and she’ll find herself back in the lime light, just like O.J Simpson. Look where it got him, finally serving time. And he did it all by himself, without any help from the public. In time, Anthony will do the same, one can only hope.

      Remember, she is a bidonista. (Italian slang for liar and cheat.)
My Nona always says, "A correre e cagare ci si immerda i garretti."
Translation: "By running and defecating at the same time, you'll get crap on your heels."

Vederla sul retro!  


  1. Cari, very wise words. I believe the best thing we can do in Caylee Anthony's memory is to love our children, hug them, take excellent care of them, and paddle their butts if they even think of telling a lie. LOL

  2. Wow, Jill thanks so much for commenting. I do agree about hugging the little ones. I don't have any but if I did, I'd hold on tight.