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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tempting Adam By Jill James

I came across Jill James book, during a moment of temporary insanity, so I'll call it my break-up read. What attracted me was the title, Tempting Adam. I was blurred eyed, crying like a fool, eyes fat with tears, stumbling around my apartment in a stupor, because my boyfriend, oh, that's a correction, my just newly ex-boyfriend had dumped me for his boss. That's not a miss spelling. He dumped me for his boss, who's a guy.So you can understand my sudden interest in a book with the title Tempting Adam!

My roommate had me locked and chained in our apartment to keep me from transforming into a werewolf, and doing something that, I'd really really regret. Maybe not regret, but would land me in jail for life. To appease my sense of injustice, what else was there to do, but surf Amazon looking for something to read and download on the Kindle Adam gave me for my birthday. I trashed everything else he gave me, by tossing his carp out the car window as I drove down the Jersey Turnpike, near the Western Spur southbound ramp. Watch out for debris in the roadway. The Kindle was saved because it was the best gift he ever gave me, and I can't afford to replace it.

I digress, so back to the book. The setting is Hollywood, a far cry from Jersey. I've never been to Hollywood, and this took me into a different world, where Adam was a really good guy, and better looking than my Adam, oops, my ex-Adam. At first I didn't like Yvette Giardino,  but she redeem herself (I had to forgive her, that's a good Italian name). I still had some hate for her throughout the story, because she's too pretty to like. There's a crazy half-sister that makes my sisters look like sweet little darlings. My eyes dried up, and I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and was so engrossed in the story, and the hot sex scenes, I forgot about my ex. Hopefully this tiny moment of delight will last, at least until tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

I guess this is where I recommend the book. I recommend it as a great break-up read and on my rating system I give it a big #8.

It distracted me from my howling stomping pity party and the fact I was dumped for a guy. If only there were more guys in real life like Adam St. Eden. Love the name.

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