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Monday, April 18, 2011

Briefly Yours, by Madison Martin

This is my hang-over read, since it distracted me from the throbbing in my head. After a bad break-up, what do I do, but go out with my girls. Okay, I can't even remember how I got home, and whose dress I was wearing when I woke up in the morning, because I didn't leave wearing red, but sure came home in a some little red number, that is cute, a bit tight, but not mine.

Since I had to spend the afternoon, with family at my Nona's, for Sunday dinner after mass, I needed something to keep me occupied and out of the usual complaints of my mother about my father, and why I'm not married yet. So I downloaded this on the Kindle and escaped to sit on the back stoop, reading during all the fury over sauce.

It was a sexy little read. I loved the relationship between Justin and Ava.

Ava is feisty and I soooo much want to be her, with Justin in the picture of course. Reading has become my world, besides waking up in dresses that aren't mine, making this a great fine.

I digress, this is labeled erotic, and yeah it was, and the characters relationship is based on all that hot steamy attraction. So if you don't like a lot of hot sex, well this might not before you. But it is for me! At least right now. If only all relationships were so sexy, then maybe I'd be happier or sexually healthier.

The story was entertaining, and occupied me while everyone battled, and before I had to sit down for dinner and answer all those questions about what happened to my latest relationship and why he's not at dinner. Hell, he's not at dinner or in my life!! I also had to endure the looks from my soon to be new sister-in-law, who clearly has no idea what she's getting into by marrying a Russo.

Back to the book, it gave me something to read as Nona gave me the evil eye, and kept committing in Italian, and I quote, Ché aspetto voi? Non sposato alla vostra età.
It's as bad as it sounds.

This is a easy read. I read it in a afternoon, through the haze of a hangover, bewilderment over a very little red dress and Nona's cranky expressions.

I gave it #5, because it's good. Perfect for a afternoon on the stoop, in between the rain.  It almost made it to the treadmill. 

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