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Monday, April 25, 2011

Scent of Diamonds, by Dorothy Ann Skarles

As I cleaned my apartment, I came across the brochures for a vacation in Mexico that my ex-boyfriend and I were going to take this spring. That all ended when he left me for another guy. Yep, you heard it folks, another `guy', as in the male species, complete with all the hardware. If I had the brochures in my hot little hand, when he dropped that bomb about being confused about his sexuality, I would have gladly enhanced that confusion, by stuffing the brochures right up the wazoo.

What does a self-respecting Jersey girl do? She puts the brochures on the bottom of the bird cage for James T. Parakeet. As I put the tray back and watched my little green friend let one fly, I got to thinking about Mexico. I'm imaging going with someone, tall dark and handsome, like Firemen Frank at the gym. Yo, Frank, ya free! While I gave this some consideration, I noticed that James T. Parakeet really did a number all over the brochure with its sunny bright blue skies, and swaying palm trees now peppered with bird poop, as he happily chirped away.

I digress, so I went in search of book that is set in Mexico. I've never been there and wanted to at least, for a little while escape Jersey.

What I found was a Scent of Diamonds, and it was on sale for 99cents. Since I'm saving to go anywhere, I decided to go the deal route.

The story was full of twist and turns as Tyla, the heroine, is given two prayer books that unbeknownst to her contain the formula to make real diamonds, which has some real colorful bad guys trying to get it from her. Tyla was a fun and spunky heroine that made me want to be her, besides when she was in a Mexican jail. I won't give the ending away, but it's a great one, and held me captive through the rest of cleaning of the apartment on a chilly Saturday afternoon.

I give big #9, because to finish it I hid in the broom closet at work. It's a big, Lei deve leggere questo libro!

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