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Friday, April 22, 2011

Lying Eyes, by Amy Atwell

I read this book after a blindingly bad blind date. My mother set up this date, hence the attraction to the name. Already you know it's bad when a mom is involved. One of her oldest and favorite customers from her hair salon for years has been trying to get me to go out with her son, Clark. Now, what self-respecting Italian mother from Jersey would name her son Clark!? Which is why it's taken me years get together with 'Clark'.

Clark picked me up in his brother's car, something he let slip, along with, his still living with mom, because he's chronically unemployed. The key word here is chronic. He had enough hair product in his hair, that it weighted his head down, which caused his neck to disappear. Which tangled his over zealous group of gold chains to squish together and hang to his belly button.

We went to his cousin's pizza parlor, because he gets free pizza and beer and watched basketball on the flat screen, because he doesn't have cable in his bedroom and his dad hates basketball. Oh, did I mention he doesn't own a flat screen, but a 1970's little tube that if he had cable wouldn't work anyways. A real catch. Oh, yeah, another slip.

Oh, but I digress, when Clark dropped me off at my front door. I really wish I met up with him at the pizza parlor, so he wouldn't know where I lived, but yo, here we are. I had to fight off his octopus arms and get into my door and lock it up like Fort Knox. So I went to this little book, got a glass of wine, turned on the late show, and read. I laughed out loud, which is always a good thing, and loved the rabbit. Kincaid was a babe and guy we'd all love to find, unfortunately, I didn't have that on my blind date. I've never been to Sin City, but would love to, just to see how the other half lives. Loved the characters and really forgot about my bad blind date, until the morning when Clark called to see if I wanted to do it all over again. Uh, no.

Pick up this book and you won't be disappointed. This is this author's first book, at least that's what it sound like from the other reviews.

Great first start for a bad blind date. I finished it up on the subway on the way to work, so it's made the subway read at #6...

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