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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cop appeal, by Ava Meyers

I read this at the gym on the  treadmill. Not something I advice, it's a bit too hot to pay attention to what you're doing, which I'll explain.

I got to sex scene, which there was many, like every other page, all the time. There was so much sex, it exhausted me. I couldn't finish my workout. When I got to the threesome, I tripped, fell to my knees, and rolled off the back of the treadmill, right into the path of Firemen Frank. Who helped me up, and handed me my Kindle. For days I thought maybe he glanced at the scene and read it, because he kept giving me this wicked grin every time he saw me. I decided it was just gas. He did mention he ate at my cousin's deli, which always does a job on me.

I digress, I'm not sure what I thought of this little read. It's  one very hot little tamale. It goes beyond erotica.  It was only 60 something pages long, enough to occupy me on the treadmill for two days, and land me at the feet of the hunk of the season, Firemen Frank. This is a story that is suppose to be about hot cops. Yes, the cops are hot and the girl in question, Sarah, was well, pretty weak, especially since she went along with a weird quirky threesome. Sarah dumped Luke the cop, four years prior, for another cop, Richard, who she married, claiming she didn't love him, but loved Luke, yet she still married Richard. Doesn't make sense. The reason why,was never made clear.

Sarah divorced Richard, because he was abusive. That made sense.  Sarah's self-esteem is so low, she should include the cost of therapy in her divorce settlement. So after four years, Luke appears on her doorstep, and manipulates her into a threesome with his cop buddy, within 24hrs.

There's that self-esteem issue again. It just seemed too easy, which makes Luke a really good manipulator. Coming from a family of cops, that too made sense. This guy Luke is actually really talented, beyond anything I've ever seen. It helped that the other cop was a hunk, that certainly would ease my shock for about two seconds. Even with that, I'd kick them both out on their behinds.But the book isn't about me, but is about them. Thank goodness.

This was a fast moving story, well written, and it did keep me occupied on the treadmill, and earned me a few gasy grins from Firemen Frank. I'll have to talk to my cousin about the potato salad.

My two brothers and my dad are NYPD, and it literally blinds me, I do mean really blinds me to imagine them in a threesome with their cop buddies. Per l'amore di Dio, sono cieco!

Still it earned a #5, because it not only kept me coming back for more, (not sure why, but it turned into a little addicting read), but it kept me on the treadmill, burning up calories from my over indulgence during lunch. 

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